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2019-05-14 Ms. Chandler,Dorchester, MA

·  Hello Wanrui, please accept my sincere apology for not contacting you sooner.  Marion and I had a fabulous time in China and Hong Kong.  The trip was truly enlightening. Very impressive tour. We were very grateful for your help at the airport in Shanghai on our return from Hong Kong.  There was a person at the gate once our flight landed and she escorted us through the airport and this made it so much easier. I would recommend your travel agency and your service to my friends.  Again thank you so much for your help. 

2019-04-29 Mrs. Kulycky, Evanston, IL

All of the tour guides were knowledgeable, professional and caring, especially appreciated Ivy, and Jessie as well as the local tour guide Vivian. The trip and tours were very intense. I appreciated the effort to give us a full experience, but the days were far too long with no time to reflect or regroup.

2019-04-17 Mr. & Mrs. Bharath, Alpharetta, GA

·   Hi Emma, we had a wonderful trip and thanks to the Rewards team of arranging the trip and taking care of us in every step. All the Rewards tour guides Lisa, Leo, Fey, Fiona, Claire and Lisa were very nice, informative and helpful all the way. They took care of our Vegetarian meal requirements in every Lunch and dinner. All the Hotels, meals, shows and tours were very good and well organized and they kept the whole group on the toes. The group was very friendly. We really enjoyed the vacation and thanks to you for arranging the trip. The only part we would have it different was instead of the flight/Bus from Beijing to Shanghai/Suzhou we had been booked in the fast train to Suzhou with others. 

2019-04-09 Mr. Hall & Ms. Rhoades, Stafford Springs, CT

Hi, we just returned from our trip to China through China Rewards. We wanted to leave you some feedback about the trip. We felt the mainland China experience was very good, although there were some small issues. Here is a breakdown:

Tour guides: very good to excellent.

Bus drivers: outstanding.

Domestic flights and train: Excellent.

Yangtze River Cruise: Outstanding.

Evening shows: Golden Mask was outstanding. The rest were good. Our seats to the Suzhou show were terrible.

Excursions: excellent, but too short a time at each location, we were too rushed. We wanted to see more of the West Lake, and we wanted to visit the botanical gardens. 

Shopping trips: too long a time at all of the government shops. The pearl salespeople were especially aggressive and annoying and would not take no for an answer. The food after the pearl shop was terrible.

Food: mostly good to very good. I got sick after the duck dinner, probably because I am not accustomed to eating so much fat. The home kitchen visit was outstanding. We especially liked the food in Xi'an.

Hong Kong: Not a good experience. We felt that we were dumped in Hong Kong and left to our own without any warning. There was quite a bit of misinformation. We should have had someone meet us at the airport. There was no local contact to answer questions. We tried to get some answers through the hotel front desk and they tried but were unable to connect with anyone from China Rewards who would give us answers. The transportation service to the hotel at the airport said our flight back to the US was not in their records, leaving us to be very anxious throughout our time in Hong Kong. We did not get confirmation of our ride back to the airport until late on the last day, leaving us to worry about that transportation. If we had been advised that the tour in Hong Kong was subcontracted, and that the time there was primarily on our own, we would have had a much better experience. We were not aware of the currency change, or the different electrical current, so we were unprepared with the correct adapters. The entire Hong Kong add on was very poorly managed.

We definitely felt that the trip was well worth the price. We were amazed by the modernization going on in China, and the friendliness of the people. We were very interested in the Eastern medicine and purchased quite a bit. We would highly recommend the trip, but not the Hong Kong part. Also, if we had it to do over we would have gotten our own visas. When our group visa was confiscated by the airport personnel when we went to Hong Kong we were quite upset, as we were told not to lose our visa. Plus, we lost all of our travel stamps when they took it. 

2019-04-07 Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell, Stovall, NC

·   Dear Chloe, Tony and I just returned from our Rewards China trip and it was a wonderful experience. Our tour guides, Lilly and John were excellent, both were so incredibly smart and personable. I looked at a way to rate our experiences but I can't locate it. If there is a way to rate our trip, let me know. I definitely would like to share with others going just how great it was and to praise out terrific tour guides, whom without, we could not have done it. Thank you for everything. 

2019-04-02 Mr. Solomon, Spring Valley, CA

·   Hello Chloe, I wanted thank you for assisting in the arranging of my trip to China with my son Daniel. We had a great time enjoying the beautiful and friendly people, hotels, scenery, scheduled activities, food, and the wonderful historic sites. Our Tour Guides- Li Li and John were the best, and they took good care of us. Also, the Bus Drivers were professional, courteous, and drove very safely. I will write a positive Groupon review. Thank you, and take care.

2019-04-01 Ms. Rocca, Napa, CA

Thank you for organizing a fantastic trip.  Airlines, transfers, hotels, food, tour guides and everything else truly exceeded my expectations for the price I paid. Thank you, have a great day.

2019-03-16 Ms. Marinelli & Ms. Comeault, Winnipeg Man, MA, Canada

Thank you for all your assistance for our trip to China. We had a wonderful time and simply wanted to thank you for your patience gathering information and sending it back and forth for us. 

2019-03-05 Ms. Payne, Rice Lake, WI

Hello Jason, please let Angel, our guide from Beijing know that she rates 5 star and was super.   We think Lily, our guide in Shanghai now is beyond a 5 star as well.  We will review Rewards Travel this has been exceptional and we thank you so far for our incredible trip.  

2019-01-29 Mr. Yelin, Carefree, AZ

Jason, we had a wonderful time in China.  Our tour guides Nina and JoJo were our best friends.  We have many photos, and incredible memories of our trip. Thank you so much for the help the entire way, we have recommended the tour to a bunch of friends.

2019-01-20 Ms. Dziemit, Palm Desert, CA

Jason, thank you.  We had the best vacation.  We want to go back to China and would book RTC again.  The trip was well planned.  Your tour guides (Amy in Beijing and Ivy in Suzhou, etc.) were excellent, smart, personable and very informative; they both made the trip even better.  (and good bus drivers too - )  Again, thank you!   

2018-05-01 RK N SAN, Chicago

Hello Everyone at Rewards,

We just got back and we want you to know that we had a wonderful experience. People were great in China and were very hospitable. What a lovely country. Thank you all for putting together a great itinerary. From start of the booking way back in Sep/17 to the end of the trip, we have had a remarkable/marvelous experience. Hats off to you all. Of course it can't be smooth always except the passport not matching (a small glitch). No biggie!.

Thanks again for the good work

Take care

2018-05-01 Mr.& Mrs. Greenwell

Hello Victor, 

This is Mr & Mrs. Greenwell. We recently got back from our 10 day China tour (April 14 departure) We wanted to thank you for everything! It’s nothing but a 7 star services provided by your agency as promised. The tour guides are beyond amazing especially JoJo.. We would like to leave a great review but I am having trouble finding where to write a review. So if you can direct me I can leave a feedback so it can help others! Thanks all and all... we enjoyed the tour 

2018-04-22 Carl & Delma Blankenship

It feels great to be back home in PI once again after a 10-day adventure in China . My experienced was enlightened about China. China is rich in history, architectures and technologies. It’s clean, and rich country. The tour guides did above and beyond our expectations. Educated & knowledgeable. Learned that this tour was subsidized by the government to encourage other countries to see and believe. All were great but, only few can speak English. China Rewards Travel is highly recommended. 

God Bless you and yours,

Carl n Del

2017-11-22 Dan Willner

Hi There, I just wanted to give you some feedback on my China trip that I took on 10/22.   

I had the most wonderful time I have ever had on a tour and many of my preconceptions about where I was going to were changed by this trip.

First off both tour guides Lisa in Beijing and Lilly in Shanghai were wonderful. Personable and well versed in the important facts about the sites we visited and open to questions that helped us get a feel for the Chinese history both ancient and modern. Please pass on my personal thanks to them both, they will remember “Daniel”

I was travelling by myself and was fearful of being in a foreign country, especially one that I did not speak the language. During the entire trip I was amazed about how clean and safe I felt in all the locations we visited. My fellow travelers and I were also amazed about how much sightseeing Rewards travel was able to fit into a day and the paid entrance fees for all these locations were included. Every destination we went to, we saw a very modern cities comparable to anything in the U.S. (except bigger) That were an active vibrant economy happening and all the modern stores and malls you would see around the world.   

I had such a great time and have been promoting this trip to all my friends that this was a fantastic experience and the value was the price paid was fantastic. This was a sentiment of all my 36 Guest friends on our tour bus. (Driver was great too)  

I would like to see more of China including the Terra cotta warriors and any other historical sites. If you have any other tours to other destinations in the country, I would love to hear about them.  


Thank you again for one of the most memorable journeys of my life.


Dan Willner


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