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Chengdu is most relaxed city. Most travellers come to Chengdu for the giant panda and the city’s old culture. As an important city in south west, Chengdu has convenient communications. More than 160 scheduled fights go to over 60 large and medium-sized cities at home and abroad. The Shuangliu International Airport is only 20 kilometres away from the city proper. In addition, Chengdu is the largest railway transportation hub in south west China. It has two railway stations and many train tickets offices in the city proper. Also, It is the most popular gateway to Tibet, the most frequent and reliable flight service to Lhasa, capital of Tibet, is from Chengdu.  


More than 3,700 years of history. The ninth king Kaiming of ancient Shu State moved his capital here and named it 'Chengdu' about 2,300 years ago and the name has been kept until today. More than seven local regimes appeared here, the most famous one is the Shu State during the Three Kingdom Period 1,700 years ago. The city has gain many reputations, such as the land of abundance, the city of Hibiscus, and the city of brocades.


Three-Star Piles Museum

Three-Star Piles site is a cultural relic of the ancient Shu (Sichuan). It is an important archeological discovery which changed the people's understanding of ancient history and culture. If you want to visit a place to know more about Chinese Shu (Sichuan) culture, make it this one, for the civilization shown by the cultural relics can be called a true wonder.

Consisting of Wide Alley (Kuan Xiangzi), Narrow Alley (Zhai Xiangzi), Well Alley (Jing Xiangzi) three parallel ancient city alleys and 45 courtyards along them, Wide and Narrow Alley is one of Chengdu’s historical and cultural reserves, together with Daci Temple reserve and Wenshu Monastery reserve. It is a microcosm of the city’s history as well as a mark in local people’s deep memory.

The history of Wide and Narrow Alley can be dated back to the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD). At that time, the area was a city within the Chengdu city called Mancheng City or Shaocheng City, where the court quartered troops. As time passes by, the city decays and only the wide alley and narrow alley are left. In 2003, renovation work of the two alleys begun, aiming to build a complex cultural and business street with the functions of tourism and recreation. On June 14, 2008, the newly renovated Wide Alley, Narrow and Well Alley were opened to the public, located in nowadays Qingyang District, to the east of Tongren Road and west of Changshun Street. Nowadays, Wide and Narrow Alley is a popular entertainment and nightlife block as well as a famous tourism site, with lots of restaurants, pubs, teahouses, and stores selling featured souvenirs.

The giant panda are not only a Chinese national treasure but are also beloved by people the world over. They are found only in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. In total there are fewer than 1000, of which 80% are distributed within the territory of Sichuan province. Therefore, when visitors from home and abroad come to Chengdu, Sichuan Province one of their main objectives will be to see the giant pandas for themselves. At the Giant Panda Breeding Center where you’ll see this lovely animal up close and learn its habitat and evolution. Also, you will have opportunity to be a volunteer. 


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