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'East or west, Guilin landscape is best!' This city enjoys the highly praise of "top lanscape in the world"- Guilin is one of the most famous trip destination known all over the world. The name of the city was original from the cassia tree from the mythology long time ago. Situated in South China, Guilin is covering an area of about 27,800 square kilometers (10,734 square miles), the city is rather compact when compared with other major tourist cities in the country. The stunning landscape in which the city is situated has a kind of magic that is all its own. The strangely shaped hills or karsts, with the verdant vegetation ranging from bamboos to conifers together with crystal clear waters and wonderful caves make the city such an appealing destination. Weather in this region is normally under the control of the tropical monsoon, which is considered to be of seasons distinct, pleasant temperature, and abundant rainfall. The native people describe the climate with this proverb "Scarcely snowing in winter, perennially flowers blossoming".


Guilin has a history of more than 2,000 years. In the 6th year of Yuanding During the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (111B.C). Guilin has been the cultural, political, economic center of Guangxi for more than 1,000 years; in 1921, the North Expeditionary Army led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen Joined forces in Guilin, and the headquarters was sited in the Royal Palace at the foot of the Solitary Beauty Peak.


The Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is the centerpiece of any trip to northeastern Guangxi Province. Gorgeous Karst peaks give you surprises at each bend of the limpid river under the blue sky. Water buffalo patrol the fields, peasants reap rice paddies, school kids and fisherman float by on bamboo rafts. With its breathtaking scenery and taste of a life far removed from the concrete metropolis, the scenery along the river become one of China's top tourist destinations.

The trip starts from the dock south of Liberation Bridge in Guilin downtown area. Otherwise some agencies will transport tourists to take a one-hour bus ride to the Bamboo River Dock (Zhujiang Dock) or the Millstone Hill Dock to start the cruise from its essential part. The river trip is over 83 kilometers (52 miles) long and is estimated to take four to five hours. The eye-feasting landscape and country scenery will never disappoint you.

Located in picturesque Guilin City, Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot refer to the landscape located around the city which includes Li River (the part within the city), Taohua (Peach Blossom) River, Mulong Lake, Guihu Lake, Ronghu Lake and Shanhu Lake. After years' of development, it can be also divided into Mulong ancient water way scenic area reflecting city culture, Guihu Lake Scenic Area featured by natural beauty and rustic charm and Ronghu-Shanhu Lake Scenic Area showing the elegant demeanor of the landscape ecology city. From these natural and manmade sights, visitors can truly feel the born beauty and deep cultural details of Guilin City. Ronghu-Shanhu Lake Scenic Area: Its history can be traced back to Tang (618-907) and Song dynasties. Originally called Nanyang River, it was the manmade city moat of the southern Guilin at that time. In Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), people called it Jianhu Lake. It was enlarged in Ming Dynasty and became an inner lake, and from that on, many local governments and public offices were installed by the lake. The rich and the famous all built their houses on the lakeside one after another. Many poets and intellectuals have written a lot of poems and literary pieces to describe the charming beauty of the lake. 

Yangshuo is situated to the South of Guilin city, 65 kilometers away from Guilin by land and 83 kilometers by water. Under Guilin's jurisdiction, it is a county covering an area of 1428.38 square kilometers with a population of 298,000. There are 10 little towns with all together 114 villages in the whole county. The well known saying, "Guilin is the most beautiful city of natural scenery in the world, but next to Yangshuo" manifests the importance of Yangshuo's natural landscape in the world tourism. The climate is sub-tropical monsoon, with temperate weather all the year round. It has the most typical karst topography, with abruptly standing hills spotted everywhere within the county. The hills are of different shapes, some looking like a animal, some like a lady or shape. The hills are covered with evergreen forest of trees and bamboos. Many hills have caves, and each cave is fantastic with sparkling and crystal-clear stalactites taking peculiar shapes. The rivers in Yangshuo are green and clear in dreaming flow. 


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